Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by PSYCO PEANUT13 on Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:46 am

It had been a few hours and Galak was sitting on a chair in the cantina. he was still in shock that he came face to face with an Imperial shadow trooper.

"I'm glad he wasn't looking for me......"

A bag was put over Galak's head and was dragged out of the cantina. He couldn't make out any of the voice that he heard. Then thoughts flew through his mind. maybe they where bounty hunters going to kill him so he didn't tell rebels any Imperial secrets, or maybe they were Rebels and they were going to interrogate him. Then Galak thought that this may have to do with the metal thing in his leg. Galak began to hyperventilate and passed out.

Some time passed and Galak woke up with the bag still over his head. He tried to move his arms and legs but they were fastened down by restraints. Galak started to yell.

"Hey, what's going on here, maybe we can talk this out."

Then he felt this body rub up on him. Then a hand slowly felt around his face and other places of injury.

"Looks like those clones did a good job patching you up" said in a sort warm woman's voice."

"Well I'm flattered that injured people turn you on but I would like to know what the hell is going on here."

The body backed off. All that as heard was the sound of the woman walking away.

"You're not going to take this bag off my head!?" Galak yelled.

The sound of a sliding door came down with a thud and all was quite. Then the door opened releasing a high pitch whistle. Foot steps walked towards Galak and then the bag was removed. The light from the room at first blinded Galak, but as his eyes started to focus he saw Shamus all cleaned up and wearing Rebel combat gear.

"So Galak how was the cantina"

Galak was in shock but in the back of his mind he felt a little happy that he guessed that the Rebel captured him.

"Well, Shamus I'm not going to lie the cantina was really boring." Galak said with a big smile.

Shamus walked over to a control panel and turned off the restraints, and Galak was now standing on the floor. Galak looked puzzled.

"I honestly thought that you were going to interrogate me or something."

Shamus turned around from the control panel, "Why interrogate a dead man."

"So I'm guessing you knew who I was when you were talking to me right."

"Yep, and now you are here."

"Why" Galak was feeling around his body to make sure everything he had on him was still there. He felt where the metal under his skin was and it was gone.

"Tracking device that is how I found you, don't worry we got you all patched up and no infections. And at the current moment I am supposed to watch you until my commanding officer arrives."

Shamus had Galak's blaster and holster slung over his shoulder.

"So shamus, do you think I can have my blaster back"

"Well no because for all we know you are an Imperial sympathizer and we, or should I say I can't risk that."

"Okay that makes sense." said Galak.

Then the door opened. Galak was looking directly at the cute Mirialan woman, in slim tan and brown combat fatigues, that saved him from he wreck in the desert.

"Shamus you are excused and give Galak back his blaster." As she said that she turned to show Galak that she was in position of a light saber.

Shamus handed Galak his holster and blasted and walked out with the door leaving a thud. The voice he heard was the voice of the woman that touched his face earlier.

"So you are Galak, I have heard a lot about you and how you may be one of the best star pilots in the outer rim."

"Well now lady, you are going to make me blush. Well ya I'm the best what about it."

The woman drew her saber and had it to Galak's throat. The blade of her green lightsaber crackled as it has held inches from Galak.

"I am not here to make jokes and you are going to assist the Rebel alliance until we no longer have a use for you."

Galak was sweating and was shaking, knowing that if he messed up now his life could be ended.

"My men and I saved you from that crashed ship only to have you stolen from us by those damn clones! but know we have you, and now we can finally make it off this dust ball of a planet. This base was just attacked by an Imperial Inquisitor and many good men die so don't test my patience."

Galak was staring into the saber with total fear.

"Do you fear me Galak"

The Jedi walked up to him.

"Y Ya"

"Why, what is the difference between this and you beeing chased by one of the countless rebel ships you have killed, people I cared for. You know what if you were not so important I would have hunted you down myself and KILLED YOU GALAK."

She was furious and her breathing was causing her chest and shoulders to rise and fall with each breath. Her eyes looked into Galak with total hatred but at the same time she was holding back, holding back so she wouldn't kill Galak. She turned off her saber and paced in front of Galak.

"I know what you are going to do for me" waving her finger in Galak's face. "You are going to help us get our ships out of this system, because right now that damned Imperial blockade will blast us out of the sky. You are going to going to go to the blockade and from the inside destroy one of those massive star destroyers giving us enough room to make the jump to hyper space"

"Well, I like that idea but, once I get up there what is stopping me from telling them about you guys."

That question seemed to make the Jedi mad. "Well if you must know we have implanted a subdermal microphone under your chin so we can hear every word you say, have a cardiac sensor connected to your heart so we can track you vitals, and we have removed a small part of your skull and replaced it with an explosive charge. We have also modified your robotic leg with an explosive charge. So if you don't do what we tell you, you well be blasted into tiny bits of gelatinous mass.

"Well it seems I don't have a choice in this matter do I?"

"No, you don't, I will arrange for you to be aboard an Imperial shuttle. If you successfully make it out of there alive come here to the rebel base there will be a ship waiting for you. The hyperdrive has already been programmed for the rendezvous point."

"okay, I understand what I have to do."

"But you are going to have to figure a way onto the shuttle. The shuttle will arrive in 2 hours at Mos Espa, good luck."

"Lady, before I go on this suicide mission can you at least tell me your name, I want to know the person that is ending my life." said Galak in a stern yet somber voice.

"Navir, just Navir"

She left the room and again the thud of the door lead to a deathful silence. Galak knew it was over nothing could be done. He would be running into a death trap. But there was still a chance that he wouldn't die and he grasped onto that as hard as he could. The door shot open and in came Shamus.

"Have fun with the lady Galak"

"You know what Shamus, I don't want to talk to you right now, you and that green bantha shit have ruined my life."

Galak's mind went straight to Tarvie, the one person that loved him and they could have left the Empire together, settled down on a nice planet and had a child. Now he was just a simple pawn, he was less than a pawn he had no meaningful existence now.

Shamus handed Galak a rucksack full of thermal detonators.

"You are going to need these, now come with me."

Galak walked with Shamus through the Rebel base, there were blaster marks and dead bodies littering the ground. Shamus looked cool and calm like nothing happened. Then they walked through the barracks. The loud roar of the rebel troops stopped once Galak entered the room. All eyes were on him. The soldiers looked at Galak with hatred because he was an Imperial, but when he walked past the rebel pilots they looked at him as a monster that needed to be killed on sight. All the pilots knew who Galak was. Then a pilot charged Galak crying and punched Galak in the jaw. The man was sobbing while he was on top of Galak punching and kicking him.

You killed my father, brother, and girl friend you monster, you have taken everything away from me.

The man collapsed and cried. Galak stood up and just followed Shamus, and never looked back. They made it to a hanger and there was a small old looking shuttle and they boarded it and flew to Mos Espa.

They landed soon after and the back ramp lowered.

"This may be the last I see you so good luck Galak. Don't forget the detonators and that the shuttle will be arriving at hanger 47 in 48 minutes."

Galak didn't even respond and walked out of the ship. the ship took off and left Galak's sight. He took and heavy sigh.

"I need to stay positive here, there is no point in dying in a bad mood."


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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Atridian on Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:56 pm

It was eerily quiet throughout the length of the dark corridor as Atridian and Tik paced down it; a small patch of uneasiness was started to worm its way into Atridian's gut. He reached down and felt for his lightsaber on his belt, making him feel instantly reassured. They eventually reached the corner and turned into an equally long, and dark, corridor. Except, this one smelled...wrong. Atridian held his blaster ready and started down the hallway; a dark streak of blood trailed out of an open doorway and ran further down the corridor. Atridian peaked inside the door and saw a completely ransacked room that looked like crew quarters. Bloody handprints were smeared on the walls and floor of the entire room, wet with sticky redness that indicated it was fresh.
Atridian turned back to the trail and followed it all the way until it turned abruptly and disappeared underneath a half open maintenance hatch on the bulkhead. Atridian waved and his power lifted the panel so he could poke his head through the tiny hole; inside he saw a tiny tunnel leading away in either direction from him. A corpse lie dead a few feet away from the hatch to Atridian's left; blood puddled underneath his body from a shredded stomach. His innards were sprawled out all over the walls around him and his face had mostly been ripped apart, save his right eye and shaggy brown head of hair.

"How very...strange," Atridian said aloud as he withdrew from the hatch.

"Hey, Mr. Atridian? There were people on sky monster, yes?" Tik asked as he touched the smeared blood on the floor.

"Yeah. It would take a full crew to operate a freighter this size so they probably had around 40, 50 people on board," Atridian said as he examined the rest of the corridor in front of them with a trained eye.

"So if ship crash, where is crew?" Tik asked.

Atridian gulped; he had been avoiding asking that question to himself since the second they climbed in through the cargo bay. Besides the corpse in the maintenance shaft, they hadn't seen a single body, or sign of life since they got inside the ship. It was unnerving for a lot of reasons, mainly because it meant that the crew didn't just vanish on impact.
Someone, or something had moved them. Which meant that there was an unknown anomaly aboard that none of them knew anything about. His comlink chirped and Atridian instinctively blinked to answer.

"Hey, kid. My way lead me down to the ship's lower levels, more cargo space by the looks of it. You want me to double back to you, or survey this place for clues and information on our attackers,"said Ratchet over the comms.

"Survey. I wanna know as much as possible about these guys and why we were attacked. Report anything you come across or find. Atridian, out," he replied quickly then resumed pacing down the corridor.

Suddenly, he felt two life sources approaching from the other side of the corner at the corridors end. Atridian took aim as the two unknowns reached the edge of the corner and were about to turn onto theirs. Two blood stained, sweat drenched, hysteric-looking, men dressed in orange jumpsuits appeared out from the end of the corridor and started pounding down the passageway toward Atridian and Tik.
He fired once, twice at their feet and they stopped dead in their tracks. The two men squinted their eyes to make out Atridian as he approached them; there was a flash across both men's faces that he could only interpret as relief.

"Oh thank god! I thought we were the only ones left alive on board," one of the men said in a contained whisper. "You can't imagine how good it is to see someone else right now."

"I wouldn't rejoice just yet, seeing as I'm the one who's ship you guys were shooting at," Atridian said coldly with his blaster sighted straight at them.

"Oh n-n-n-n...," the other man started then trailed off in a series of inaudible studders.

"Look, we weren't the ones who wanted to attack you, it was our boss. He took the job and joined the other crews in a plan to take your big ship down. We're just repair guys; we ain't had anything to do with the shootin' and stuff," the first man stated, his face had drained completely and now looked pale as a sheet.

"And? What do I care if you guys weren't the ones shooting at us? You're part of this ship's crew, which makes you an enemy to me, and my people. Conclusion: you die," Atridian replied, raising his blaster to meet the first man's eyes.

"Wait!" the studdering man put out both of his hands toward Atridian. "We can tell you stuff, important stuff! Stuff about us and the guys we were with. So, please, don't kill us."

Atridian sighed with clear annoyance and nodded his head, "Fine; prisoners it is. Now, lead me to the bridge so I can make a copy of whatever data is left there."

"No! No! We can't; that's the exact opposite way we need to be going! We need to get out of here as quick as possible before they find us," the first man said in a hushed whisper.

"I couldn't care less what you want right now, worm," Atridian bowed his blaster toward the end of the corridor. "We walk and talk. Start by telling me who these they people are."

They rounded the corner and walked the length of the adjacent hallway, all the while the first man whispered to Atridian.

"I don't know the details on what all happened during the crash, but, I do know that whatever we had in the storage containers on the lower levels, got out," his head darted back and forth looking all over, as if he felt something were watching him. "We captured a tribe of Tusken raiders a few months back as a job for the Hutt clan. Then, they started doing weird stuff to the raiders; injecting them with chemicals and forcing them to eat weird, powdery, paste. Well, eventually, the raiders started to change.
They got skinner, their nails grew longer, and they lost all sense of what intelligence they had."

"Good to know. Now, explain the part about why everyone is missing."

"When we crashed, all the containers were opened when the safety protocol went into effect. I dunno what our boss was planning for them, but the stuff they were given, it really changed them. They're feral, cannibalistic, and faster than you can scream if they catch you. They rampaged through the whole ship and killed almost all of us in just a few minutes."

"Explains why we haven't seen the crew, then. They got munched before we even got here."

"As far as I know, we're all that's left."

"How fortunate for me that that is the case," Atridian said as they reached the end of the passageway; stepping through a large, circular, hatch, Atridian and his followers arrived on the empty, abandoned command bridge.

Blood was dripping from the controls and many consoles that filled the compartment when Atridian walked over to the captain's station. A blinking datapad rested on the arm of a chair planted in the floor reserved for the ship captain; a red messy outline of a hand covered the screen as he picked it up. Atridian tapped through the many menus until he reached the captain's personal log, which catalogued everything that had happened up to the last minute.
A text box appeared notifying it had catalogued his interaction. Atridian scrolled and tapped a few times and opened the latest saved message from the captain's personal journal. It went into detail covering a call-to-arms for all the main crime organisations on the planet; it stated that now was the time for action while the imperials and rebels faught.
Great, Atridian thought genuinely; the crime families going to war with each other would be great for business. Apparently the captain of the ship had formed an alliance with two other gang teams to hunt down the Nexus and collect a sizeable bounty upon destroying it. Atridian grinned underneath his helmet; it was funny how that had worked out for them in the end.
He scanned the pad and copied the data onto his datachip; Atridian clicked his comms to bring up Ratchet.

"Ratchet, we've got what we came here for. Head back to the junction where we split up at and wait for us. We're heavy two prisoners and the data off the captain's log. You copy?" Atridian said.

"Roger, I copy you, kid. I'll start heading back now; this place gives me the creeps anyway," Ratchet replied.

Atridian was about to end the call when he remembered the ferals, "Oh, and watch out for feral Tusken raiders. They're cannibalistic and incredibly fast so be on guard."

"Oh, so that's what those things were? Yeah, I ran into like five of 'em earlier and had use my entire clip to take 'em down. So, rest assured, I'll be careful. Ratchet, out."

Atridian clicked off his comms, and a second later a scream erupted from behind him. He turned just in time to see a skinny, yet sinewy, body emerge from the passageway and launch itself at Atridian. He ducked it but the creature continued on toward one of the two men; it's arms shot out and wrapped around the studdering man's neck.
Atridian saw it clearly now; the feral wore tattered rags that were once the normal trappings of what a regular raider wore. Thick saliva dripped from it's jaws, that were exposed through a ripped hole in its headwear where it's mouth was. It's head shot forward and removed a big, fleshy, blood covered, chunk from the man's face where his right eye was.
The other man screamed as he watched the creature tear open his friend's neck and drain his thick, dark, blood into its mouth. Atridian surged forward, grabbed the feral by the back of the neck, slammed it against the floor, and blasted its head apart with four consecutive shots from his blaster at point blank range. A wall of shrieks came flooding down the corridor; Atridian knew it was time to expedite.
Grabbing the dribbling prisoner with one arm, Atridian and Tik cannoned down the hallway at full sprint; slowing down only to turn corners. The ferals emerged from the air vents along the bulkhead and shambled out of half-opened cabins as they ran by. Atridian looked back once and saw a giant wall of bodies filling the entire corridor from wall to wall behind them, arms stretched out and mouths wide open revealing awful looking teeth.
Two ferals dropped from a vent above onto Atridian; saber ignited, he slashed in a vertical arch that separated both creatures in two at the waist, making a satisfying hissing sound as it went through. They ran through the chain of conjoined, and adjacent, passageways that filled the ship and eventually rounded the corner leading to the junction and saw Ratchet standing patiently at the intersection. Giant red laser bolts suddenly zipped past Atridian's head as his wookie-comrade fired his light cannon down the corridor at the pursuing ferals, blasting some completely apart in giant explosions of flesh, bone, and blood.
A hand shot out and grabbed the prisoner by the shoulder; he was instantly yanked from Atridian's grasp and pulled down into a sea of swarming bodies. His blood-curtling screams rang out loudly throughout the rest of the corridor as the seething group stopped and all to devour him; his cries ended abruptly at the sound of a distinct bony pop as they pulled his head from his shoulders. Once Atridian and Tik reached Ratchet, the three immediately raced down the stretch of ground covering the passageway leading to the cargo bay; the ferals had finished their short feast and resumed the chase, measuring only ten feet behind.
Atridian grabbed Tik and, in a single bound, jumped off the top level and landed on the cargo bay floor. His eyes darted all over the massive room for a way to stop their pursuers; Atridian stopped on a collection of crates filled with fuel cells. He dashed ahead on Force-accelerated steps until he reached the hole where they had entered from.
Atridian primed three thermal dets, took aim as the ferals flooded out of the corridor and into the bay, and tossed them just as Ratchet charged past him out of the ship. Atridian pivoted, gave a giant leap, and saw the rays of the sunlight hit his helmet as he emerged outside. He sailed through the air 10 feet high and landed roughly 40 feet from the wrecked ship when a tidal wave of concussive force slammed against his body followed by a deafening roar.
The back end of the ship ignited, then blossomed into a beautiful red inferno that soared high into the air above. The ships hull moaned loudly then buckled underneath its own weight; Atridian stood and watched as the ship slowly started sinking into the sand until it's whole body was swallowed up and vanished entirely.

"Well, that certainly was exciting, now, wasn't it?" said Tik optimistically as he worked his hands to dig out his buried legs from beneath the sand.

"If near death encounters with flesh eating, and starved, aliens count as exciting, then we get up to our necks in crazy shenanigans," Atridian replied grabbing Tiks arm and pulling him free.

"Atleast, if we died, we'd all die together! Yay!" Tik cheered with his arms thrown up as Atridian walked over to where Ratchet had landed.

The wookie had dirt encrusted over his entire back that had been kicked up from the explosion, but otherwise, he was fine. Ratchet brushed himself off on the way toward his fighter, letting out annoyed grunts and barks along the way about the sand in his fur and how he'd need many baths to get it all out.

"Are you leave back to the sky beast?" Tik asked.

"Yeah, we are. We got what we needed so it's time to head on home," Atridian said, pausing for a moment to take in the view of everything around him.

"Boy, that sound like a ton of fun. It was nice meeting you, Atridian! And big, hairy man too! Hope you best luck with your home!" Tik said honestly and started collecting sticks and rocks on the ground. "Me have to start campfire before night comes, else I'll freeze solid before sun up."

Atridian put one boot on the wing of his fighter then hesitated; shooting one final look back, he watched the little jawa yank a sunken log loose that had been buried up to its neck in the sand. An orphan, a survivor; alone. Atridian couldn't hold himself back.

He took a deep breath, then spoke, "You could come with me, Tik. Back to our home. You'd be a part of our family too; what do you say?"

Tik froze, almost like he'd been stunned by an electric current moving through his body. Then, suddenly, he exploded in series of happy cries and charged forward to wrap his arms around Atridian's waist.

"Yes, oh, yes! Me would love too! Thank you, Atridian!" Tik said jubilantly.

"C'mon, then. I'll tell you a little bit about everyone on our way back," said Atridian as he gestured over to his fighter.

The two hopped into the fighters cockpit, and after securing Tik snuggly on his lap, Atridian lifted into the air and shot off toward the Nexus, with Ratchet flying by his side.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Desertb1ur101 on Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:47 am

Lazlen watched as the second freighter ship crashed into the Tatooine desert and was left in the distance by the still speeding freighter ship.
"Wow now wasn't that a sight to be seen!" the pilot shouted over the comms.
"It provided a good diversion," Lazlen commented as he saw what's left of the star-fighters break off and fly towards the wreckage. "Move back more Pilot! I don't want my only ride off this rock to be shot down."
"Understood Lieutenant!" Lazlen saw the gunship decrease speed and gained more distance between the freighter. Lazlen watched his wrist communicator as he attempted to walk along the ship to pinpoint Deviss' signal. Lazlen was running out of time. He needed to get in before the fighters saw him. Forget it. Lazlen chose to do it the hard way. Lazlen took out a thermal detonator and stuck it to the hull of the ship. Lazlen got into breaching position and checked his equipment one last time, his E-11, two DH-17s, and his customized electro-staff.
"Lightsabers. Mercenaries. And a rescue mission. Trew's never going to stop asking about this one," Lazlen thought as he detonated the thermal detonator. A mixture of explosions and debris were quickly swept away by the winds and left in the distance. With smoke still spilling out, Lazlen jumped in with both DH-17s in his hands looking for enemies. With no one in sight, he began to make his way inside the ship, looking for Deviss and the target.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Atridian on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:14 pm


Edwin looked through binocs at the medium sized village at the bottom of three hills; his squadmate, Jek, emerged beside him E-11 in hand.  The rest of his squad followed behind at a leisurely pace; Edwin still wasn't sure why the village was giving him a very worrisome feeling in his stomach by the mere sight of it.

"Well, what's the play, Sarge?" Jek asked.

"We'll head down there, but keep your guard up. I got a weird feeling about this place that just sets my teeth on edge," Edwin replied starting down the hill toward the village.

His squad were in tight formation as they walked down the deserted street with rows of houses lining either side of them as they moved. It literally was a ghost town like in the reports he'd read earlier; no a soul was around and the only sound they heard was the distant howling of the desert winds. Edwin was starting to think that this would be just another pointless, see nothing, recon mission when he spotted a pair of feet hanging out of a narrow alleyway.
He slowly moved to approach it with his blaster raised and found that the feet belonged to a scruffy looking man. Shaggy bearded, with graying hair, sagging features, around 45; a hole was in his abdomen from what Edwin guessed was from a blaster. Further examination of his body revealed that he had two identical cuts running down his back from some sort of bladed weapon by the angle of the cut.
Edwin looked up as one of his men called for him and walked over to the trooper who was standing in front a giant pile of rotting, maggot filled, corpses of what most likely were the village inhabitants. Before he could say a word, a laser bolt landed on the man next to him square in the back of the head. Edwin dropped just as he did and turned around to run for the nearest cover behind a small concrete house.
Blaster-fire had now erupted all around him; Edwin caught glimpses of his men engaging the unknown attackers in the street but he was too busy trying to comm HQ to see it all. Static filled his ear; they were too deep for a signal to come through. Jek toppled in front of him covered in blaster marks that were still smoking from freshness; Edwin noticed the firing had stopped and automatically assumed his whole squad had been killed.
Life expectancy wasn't very high for stormtroopers, even among themselves. It wasn't surprising that they could've been killed; it very well could have been him instead just as easily. Edwin jumped to his feet and was sprinting out of the village with laser rounds hitting all around him as whoever had attacked them fired in his direction.
His heart was thumping in his ear; Edwin stormed up the hill like his life depended on it, which it actually did this time. Once he reached the top he came to a dead halt; smoke wafted into the air with so much mass that it formed a small, dark, cloud. It was coming from the fires of at least a couple thousand different campsites that were covering a large part of the desert floor a few miles away.
Even from this distance, Edwin was able to identify who were occupying the large settlement, he'd come across enough of them by now to know a hundred or so ways that distinguished them. Tusken raider; at least the size of a small army within the collection of camps down below. A muzzle pressed against his back and Edwin spun around to see a Tusken raider though he wore light armor and had a crown looking thing sitting on his head.
Edwin nearly panicked but pushed it down with great self-control; he quickly reached back and activated his homing beacon attached to his leg, that way HQ would know of his last known location in case he didn't report back. Throwing caution to the wind Edwin reached for his blaster in an attempt to attack the raider first but he wasn't that lucky. He bounced backward and landed flat on his back; Edwin felt warm liquid as he put his hand over the exposed wound in his chest now.
The raider appeared at the edge of his view with its rifle trained on his head, no doubt everything would end real quick for him before the pain of getting shot had time to set in. In those final moments, Edwin couldn't help but think of his little brother, who had left the academy to join some random mercenary group a year or so back. He wished he could see him just one more time, that was the one thing he really wanted right then.
Edwin looked up; red filled his vision, then everything went pitch black forever.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by PSYCO PEANUT13 on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:24 pm

Time passed and Galak saw the slow approaching Imperial shuttle. He ran and pushed through the crowd of people lingering in the space port, a transport just dropped off a lot of aliens. Galak made it through the sea of people and made it to the hanger. He opened the door and saw Stormtroopers pushing boxes into the shuttle. As soon as they saw Galak they dropped the boxes and proceeded to aim at Galak.

"HALT THERE CIVILIAN" barked the trooper with a stern voice.

Galak through up his arms. Galak had to think quickly or he may not even be able to board the shuttle.

"I'm an Imperial pilot, I was shot down a few days ago in the battle!" yelled Galak.

One trooper pointed his blaster at Galak while the other ran and tackled and pinned him to the ground.

"It is a crime to impersonate Imperial personal civilian" said the trooper.

"I'm not lying" yelled Galak.

"You lucky I don't shoot yo..."

A young man in officer uniforms walked out of the shuttle and looked at the defenseless Galak.

"HA Galak is that you"

The trooper loosened his hold on Galak. Galak looked up and saw the face of one of the Imperial pilots that he saved the day he crashed.

"My god I thought you died, Get this man on board ASAP"

The trooper picked him up and pushed Galak towards the shuttle.

"Well then Galak I'm glad you are still alive, this is going to be a huge moral boost to the other pilots. We had search teams out there twenty minutes after we got communication that you crashed and the search parties were out there for three to four days."

The man walked up to Galak and hugged him. " You do not know how thankful I'm, you saved my life out there, I just wished more could have been saved but..." he started to get teary, but quickly shook it off. "Tarvie personally wanted to search for you but command took her, I don't know what happened to her and people are not talking about it either but she is gone now, sorry I heard you two were good friends."

Galak looked at the man. "She is gone" he sighed. He had to focus he quickly changed the subject. "I never caught you name, I remember your face but no name."

"My name is Noland, Warrant Officer Noland"

"Well then thank you for taking me back I have been looking forward to my arrival."

"Motti is no longer in command of the fleet, right now we are under the command of Commander Blight, we shall take you to him immediately he is aboard the Karnack, that is one of the Bellator-class StarDreadnaughts."

"Thank you, But I am tired and dehydrated from living down there I must rest."

Noland nodded and walked into the cockpit of the shuttle. The two troopers walked away and leaned against the wall of the ship and started talking with a slight chuckle every few minutes. Galak scratched his chest to feel the detonators under his jacket without him looking suspicious. The shuttle neared the hanger and Galak over heard the ships pilots talking to the air traffic controllers. The shuttle reduced speed and softly landed in the hanger. Noland walked to Galak.

"I'm sorry but I have something I have to take care of, I told Blight that you would see him, So please don't waste time. I will see you later, Lieutenant." The shuttle door dropped and Noland scurried off. Galak walked out of the Ship and into the hanger of the ship. Galak sighed and walked off. Galak never made it to Commander Blight. Galak walked to the engine reactor room. He was stopped by a few troopers but his rank allowed him access to the room. Galak placed all but two detonators on the reactor and left. Galak was walking to the escape pods and entered one of them. He plugged in the coordinates for the hidden rebel base.

"What are you doing?" said in a curious voice.

Galak turned around to see a puzzled Noland.

"Sorry" said Galak.

Galak shut the door to the pod and detonated the detonators. The ships shook and rocked. Noland looked to his side only to be disintegrated by a fire ball engulfing the hallway. The ships sirens went off and Galak hit the ejection button shooting him out into space towards the base. Chard and caked on blood covered the glass panel where Noland just was. Galak quickly saw other pod jetting out from the ship. The engines crackled with a blue electrical pulse then erupted causing the ship to split in half from the engines to the nose of the ship.Without skipping a beat hundreds of Rebel ships were out and engaging Imperial TIE's. There was an opening in the Imperial blockade and out from the plant darted three GR-75 transports followed by five CR90 Corvettes. They activated their hyper drives and in a blink of an eye they were gone. The fighters quickly followed suit.

Galak's pod slammed into the sand the door shot off. Galak climbed out and looked into the sky. There was a giant blue and purple ripple in the sky where an Imperial ship use to be.

"What have I done, I have killed thousands of my brothers and sisters. My god."

Galak had and the look of utter remorse and depression on his face as her shuffled through the empty Rebel base. The image of Noland melting in front of his face was scarred into his mind. He hunched over and threw up and started to cry.

"What have I done."

He sat down and gathered himself.

"I am weak, I should have given my life for the Empire, I should have killed myself, those people I killed, so many of them, they should still be alive, I should be the dead one. Those where my brothers and sisters. And they did look for me and Tarvie... Noo Tarvie."

Galak started to cry drenching the collar of his jacket with the tears coming down his face.

"I am an enemy to my best friend now, I am dirt, lower than dirt."

Galak looked at his blaster and thought about the option of suicide. Then he stood up, "now I have to restart my life. I will push on and live."

He knew front here on out he was going to be an enemy of the Empire and Galak accepted that as his new life. Galak walked into the Rebel hanger to see an old rusted and paint chipped Z-95. Galak got into the ship and took off.

"Hopefully the blockade didn't have time to regroup or this get away is going to be short-lived."

Galak bolted out of there and into space. Then turbo laser started to  fly past him. Galak tried to perform evasive maneuvers but the Z-95 just couldn't move like a TIE fighter. The Turbo laser were getting closer and closer to Galak every second. Then the star destroyers closed in. The blockade was back up there was no more opening. Before he knew it He saw 15 TIE's heading right for him.

Galak open fired and the red lasers from the Z-95 destroyed a TIE in one blast. Galak throttled into full speed and headed straight for a star destroyer.

"The TIE's and Turbo laser won't shoot if I get to close to their ships."

Three TIE's flipped around and chased him while 5 of the TIE's flanked left and 6 Flanked right.

Galak got up nice and close to the Star destroyer and the giant green lasers from the turbo lasers stopped. But now a swarm of lasers from the TIE's engulfed him. Galak passed a jutting piece of metal and barrel rolled behind it. The TIE's lost sight of him.
Galak pulled hard on the stick and was coming in hot to the side of the three TIE. Galak opened a salvo of lasers into the huge wings of the TIE's causing two of the TIE's to spin out of control and slam into the Star Destroyer. The Third ship simply erupted from a direct hit that hit the ion engine. Galak pulled back and the throttle and slowed down to make a sharp turn. The nose of his ship pointed out into space and then the Throttle slammed forward and he rocketed out from under the Star Destroyer. He started to take rounds from the turbo laser again but it was too late, Galak entered the coordinates to regroup with the Rebel ships. The Other TIE's never saw Galak and the Turbo laser took to long to lock on.

The stars passed him at an incredible rate while he was in hyperdrive. Galak has never seen hyperdrive like this before and instantaneously fell in love with it. Then the ship lunged forward and with great force slowed down. If it wasn't for the seat restraints he would have hit his face on the dash. He emerged about a half mile from the Rebel fleet.

"I need to talk to that JEDI WOMAN!"

Galak gritted his teeth in fury and anger.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Atridian on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:41 pm


Atridian couldn't help but feel amusement as he watched Tik leap out of the straighter's cockpit and started frantically looking with sheer amazement over the busy hangar. It was without a doubt his first time aboard a spaceship and he exuded it with pure awe and wonder in his eyes.

"This place is big! This might be as big as whole desert, maybe!" Tik cheered in high-pitched yelps that caused a few heads to turn toward them.

"She's big, but she ain't that big, little one. C'mon, let's go introduce you to my sister; I'm sure she'll be quite surprised to see you," Atridian said as he started toward the ramp leading to the corridor out of the hangar.

Atridian had gotten used to starships back during his childhood on Courscant; he had forgotten that back then that such creations of mechanical engineering were a pure spectacle. Atridian and Tik strided down the passageways leading to the medical bay to meet Alea, who had commed him that they should meet there. She also has added that a minor hull breach had been detected and that a squad of gunners were dispatched to investigate.
Atridian didn't think on it too much after that. The hatch to medical bay was shot wide open as a pair of medics exited the compartment when Atridian rounded the corner. Inside, the med bay was absent of anyone apart from Zillo squad, Alea, Vil, and Deviss who lied unconscious on a bed in the farthest corner.
Alea looked at him with a mixture of pained expressions as he approached the bed side; the connection he had detected was still firmly there between them, almost like it had always existed but wasn't active until now.

"He's going to be really pissed at me for deckin' him like that," Vil broke the wall of silence hanging in the room. "He'll probably feel betrayed and wounded emotionally inside. Which is fair. I never really trusted him that much anyways, though, I think he felt otherwise towards me."

"What a fool; clones won't ever fully trust mongrels like him because we know better than to do think they understand us. Men like our boss, Atridian, are the ones who show us through force of action that they are to be trusted. Everyone else, is suspect," Hyde grumbled from where he stood, leaning his back against the wall.

"Agreed," Nex chimed in, but sounding somewhat somber as he said it.

There was a long period of silence between Alea and Atridian; Tik, who was peeking through the entrance from outside the compartment, watched on eagerly. Atridian had gotten rid of his dangerous thoughts by filling it with nothing but the current situation and doing whatever he could to handle it. Now, after their situation had been taken care of, everything came slowly fading back into his mind.
One thing was certain now: if there were answers then he wanted them as soon as possible. Alea started to say something but hesitation made her words stick in her throat; for a moment, she considered that maybe she should lie instead of telling her brother the truth she'd been keeping from him since their childhood. Alea immediately crushed the thought like a piece of glass between her fingers and instantly felt stupid for even having thought of it.
Atridian was powerful in the Force, much more than her, and would immediately detect the crack in her conscious if she tried to lie to him. Alea took in a deep breath, and finally opened her mouth to begin the ordeal.

"I know you're confused by what you're feeling, brother, and I'm about to tell you that they aren't there by any mistake. I'm aware, now, that you can't remember, or have just forgotten, our earliest days on the slums of Courscant. And I'm sorry I never asked if you didn't before. But that's where it started, and that's how you know Deviss but just can't remember him. I don't think he remembers either; if he did, I'd imagine I could detect it the moment he did as well," Alea paused, for a few moments that seemed to drag on like hours before finishing, "Deviss was there with us on Courscant all those years ago. The empire was offering a place for kids who wanted to join them and Deviss decides he wanted to join. I begged him to stay but he didn't listen; after that day when he got aboard an imperial shuttle, we never saw him again. I was enraged and hurt and disowned him. I had no clue he was Force-sensitive, though; I didn't discover I was either till I was 11. By that time I could sense that you were too. But going back, we were close him and he left us."

Atridian popped the seals on his helmet and lifted it off of his face to stare Alea dead in the eyes with an almost accusing look.

"You left something out; there's something else you're not telling me," Atridian said coldly.

It penetrated Alea like an iced covered blade that made her whole body feel five degrees colder as soon as it hit her. Alea clenched her back teeth tightly together trying to not feel guilt fill her entire body from trying to hold back the most important detail.
She felt like hot coals were being pressed against her skull when she tried mustering up her remaining courage to reveal the last piece to Atridian. Alea felt like vomit was going to come from her mouth as she opened up to speak instead of words. She swallowed it down; with a heavy heart weighted with guilt and fear, Alea spoke.

"Deviss is more than a friend we once knew. He's our little brother," the corners of her eyes welled with tears but she fought them back with bitter conviction.

Simultaneously, all heads in the room swiveled and turned toward their conversation; looking first to Alea, then to Atridian with anxious anticipation.

At first it didn't even faze Atridian when he heard her words, almost like he really knew all along secretly so it was no surprise. Then, a moment later, he felt as if his insides were being pulled out of his eyes while being covered with agonizing flames. He didn't feel betrayal from his sister for a single second; he felt betrayed by his own self.
Atridian couldn't comprehend how he could've possibly let himself forget something so critical and important to his life. Then, as if a lock had been smashed on a hidden chest, his memories came flooding back like a tidal wave of pure silence. Atridian immediately remembered everything that he had forgotten about Deviss in a flash; then it dawned on him that he himself had destroyed the memories of his little brother. The pain, the betrayal, the anguish, the hatred, the misery, the regret, all that he had felt when his little brother chose to leave them had overloaded his brain. It was too much for him to handle back then so his brain shut itself down and discarded the memory from his mind to protect his mental integrity. All eyes were on Atridian awaiting for whatever came out of him in response to such a monumental revelation. An entire minute passed by without him uttering a single sound; his gaze still hung on Alea, looking terse and stern but yet oddly disconnected in his eyes. Then, like water to steam, his expression evaporated all at once into a sorrow-filled, pained, defeated face filled with sheer sadness. Atridian slowly moved his eyes off of Alea and landed them with a bleeding heart onto Deviss.
Tears welled up in his eyes as well looking like they were just hanging over the edge from cascading down his face. Atridian moved his lips slowly and with great thoughtfulness uttered a single word toward Deviss that radiated pure agony.

"Brother." The word hung in the air for awhile after he said it; Atridian couldn't tell then because of his own emotions blocking his mind. Everyone in the room was almost on the brink of tears too from just watching his emotions play out over his face.

"Brother." It was only then after everyone heard what sounded like an echo of Atridian's voice that they turned and saw Deviss sitting upright in his bed.

The two were looking at each other in the eyes with the same look of utter dismay upon looking at each other's face for the first time with neither one wearing a helmet. Atridian and Deviss looked identical.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Desertb1ur101 on Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:40 am

The signal was getting stronger. Lazlen continued to sneak around the ship, looking out for enemy combatants as he tried to rescue Deviss from the mercenaries. Eventually Lazlen didn't feel confident with just his E-11 blaster out, so he swapped it out in favor of his duel DH-17s. He continued down a hallway. The beeping continued at a faster rate. Deviss was close by. Lazlen continued down the hallway at a quicker pace until he heard footsteps. Immediately he took refuge in a room to the left of him and hid behind some boxes until he could no longer hear the footsteps. He tightened his grip on his blaster as the footsteps came closer to the room. They became so loud that Lazlen took cover by the door in preparation of an ambush. Lazlen was dead quiet and the footsteps became louder. A bit of sweat ran down Lazlen's face and dripped from his helmet. Lazlen sealed his helmet, usually met for short space combat. But in Lazlen's situation, he didn't want to leave a trace. The footsteps grew quieter and Lazlen relaxed with ease and carried on. The tracker began to beep nonstop, as if Deviss was on the opposite wall of Lazlen. Lazlen checked along the wall to see a blast door or anyway that lead to the other side of the wall. He almost started to sprint until he finally found a door. The beeping at this point became a single monotone sound that continued to play nonstop. With both his blasters in his hands, he entered the room. The door made a large hunkering noise as it opened and Lazlen stood there, in the door-frame, with his blasters in combat position.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Atridian on Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:03 pm

Arcade pivoted on instinct and raised his Deece on the sudden intruder who stood in the doorway; the rest of the commandos were only a split second behind him. All the room's blasters were now point at the intruder; even Alea, who had worn a face of utter distress, flipped a switch in her own brain and now trained both pistols at the intruder. Distress was instantly washed away and replaced with cold concentration.
It was only Atridian and Deviss who seemed entirely unaffected by the situation; they just continued to stare into each other's eyes like they were in their own separate world. Alea looked the man over immediately recognizing him as an imperial shadow trooper; she swore silently as she realized he had probably created the breach in th hull earlier. For a solid two minutes no body moved an inch nor uttered a sound; the tension became thick enough to cut with a knife as everything in the room seemingly froze.
Then, at once, it erupted. The trooper fired two rounds at Atridian first but specialist Rede charged across the room and shielded him from the blasts but received both in his chest. Rede lurched forward then toppled onto the ground, a second later they all fired with vigorous anger flowing through their hands.
The trooper jumped back through the doorway and put his back against the passageway as blue and red streams flooded out to follow. Arcade was the closest and charged out after him with a fist balled up and ready to strike. The trooper holstered both blasters and drew both fists up in response; Arcade leaped forward and landed a heavy string of blows against the troopers helmet.
No doubt making his head spin and ears ring from sheer force. The trooper was surprisingly resilient and only staggered back an inch before recovering. Shifting his momentum forward, the trooper landed one, two heavy kicks to Arcades chest that sent him stumbling back into passageway wall.
The trooper charged forward but Arcade sidestepped just as he smashed his fist against the steel where his head had just been. Arcade wrapped his arms around the troopers waist and slammed him against the floor before putting him into a tight headlock. The trooper wasn't giving up; he drew one of his blasters to Arcades head but the rest of the commandos flooded out of the compartment.
They trained their blasters on him with fingers just barely hovering over the triggers; Arcade leaned his head down to the troopers and uttered in a low, but menacing tone.

"Pull the trigger, shabuire. Then my boys won't have any reason not to blast your body into a million pieces."

After a few long seconds, the trooper lowered his blaster and Arcade violently dragged him to his feet. The men stripped the trooper of every weapon, gadget, and utility on his person and left him only with the black armor strapped to his back.

"Get this frakker to the brig. Bind his arms and legs, and if he tries anything, or even says anything without being asked: kill him," Alea commanded with venom dripping from every word. "We'll interrogate him later on but I want all five of you in the room watching him until we decide the time."

Arcade nodded silently then shoved the trooper down the passageway toward the brig with the rest of the commandos right behind them. Alea moved back through the open hatch into the med bay and saw that the medics were already attending to Rede. His armor had been stripped off completely as they readied a bacta tank to place him in; Alea tapped one of the non busy medics to get his attention.

"What's the damage, and how's his condition?" Alea asked plainly.

"His armor absorbed the majority of the damage but the impact broke a couple of ribs and created multiple areas of internal bleeding. He's critical currently but he has a good chance of recovery if we get him into a bacta tank immediately," the medic said as Rede's tank began filling with light blue liquid and began lifting his body in suspension.

"Well, do your best, soldier. I'm confident his life is in good hands," said Alea as she moved a few steps away from the medic then froze.

Deviss had climbed out of his bed and now him and Atridian were calmly embracing one another with what looked to be genuine affection. Her jaw dropped and hung open as complete confusion hit her like a raw smack across the face.

"Wha-What are you doing, Atridian?" Alea asked with slight horror in her voice.

"Welcoming back our little brother into our family," Atridian replied as the two separated and turned to her. "He's been away for a long, long time but now he's finally returned to us. Is it not wonderful?"

"He left us, brother. We're kin and he left us for the Empire. That's a scar I've had ever since that day so excuse me if i don't jump for joy," Alea replied coldly.

"I was wrong, sister," Deviss said finally but Alea bristled visibly at the mention of the word sister. "The Empire, they dragged me in. They sent us subliminal messages in our dreams, put chemicals in the air to influence our minds, and spread propaganda that we absorbed like sponges. We, the ones who left, were not of the right mind. We were targets. And they took us to a facility and brainwashed us into being subservient drones. They erased everything that I was and created a different person in place of it."

Alea swayed back a bit at hearing his revelation, feeling burning guilt and shame for disowning and hating her own little brother for something that wasn't his fault.

"I'm...god, I'm sorry, Deviss. I had no idea; I didn't know the truth," Alea said as tears started gliding down her cheeks.

Deviss went to her and wrapped her in a firm, warm, hug that left her awestruck instantly.

"It's alright, big sister. I should've been stronger and faught off their attempts to sway my mind against you two," he released her and gazed into her eyes. "I'm back, now. Atridian dug into my mind and tore apart the chains over my memories, emotions, personality, and free-will. I'm me again."

"Gee," Alea started, whipping the tears away from her face. "if only this had happened before I cut your hand off. Talk about really bad timing."

Deviss's face suddenly lite up with a smile and the three of them began laughing together with renewed spirits. Alea clamped a hand on Deviss and looked him dead in the eyes.

"So, are you with us? Me, Atridian, the Nexus, the Hellhands, all of it?" She asked with a warm smile.

Deviss gave her a look of absolute determination and newfound resolve.

"I'm all in, big sister," Deviss replied with an equally warm grin.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Desertb1ur101 on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:37 pm

"Unbelievable," Lazlen thought to himself. "This entire mission was just bogus!" Just the thought of the past hour made Lazlen furious, not only did he have to use a medium-range scope, not only did he have to breach a freighter ship full for ex-Imperial Commandos (half of which were Clones) and a crazed force user, not only was he captured and put in a ray-shielded prison with none of his equipment (so much for his jump-pack), but Deviss, the man who he tried to rescue from the mercenaries, the man who he recruited for this mission, had turned sides and joined the mercenaries. Just remembering it all made Lazlen angry enough to kick the metal wall to his left.
"Shut Up!" One of clones was getting irritated. Or was it a regular solider? Lazlen couldn't tell nor did he really care. His only problem was how to get out of the cell. Hopefully the pilot will realize something was wrong and attempt to rescue Lazlen. He looked down at his arm and saw what was left of his wrist comm. He wondered if it still was giving his location. For now, Lazlen was at the mercy of the mercenaries, and walked around the room to think of an plan of action.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Desertb1ur101 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:38 am

Lazlen was as furious as he was impatient. He had been stuck in the cell for hours now, only to think and look at a locker in which they kept his equipment in. Though Lazlen was curious, why didn't they just interrogate him already? Was it to build up the fear within Lazlen or what methods they were going to use. It didn't really matter. Lazlen knew he wasn't going to leave the ship alive if they get to him first. He had to do something fast if he wanted to survive. But the the cell was ray-shielded, with guards watching his every second, he wasn't going to succeed. Combined with the past few hours and the possibility of death, Lazlen couldn't think straight. He had to do something, it didn't matter if the guards saw. He needed to make an attempt and needed to do so-
Then his comm-link beeped. Lazlen looked down at his wrist to see a light blinker on and off as it continued to make slow-paced beeping sounds.
"Hey you! What are you doing?" Lazlen looked up to see one of his guards look at him with suspicion. Supposedly the beeping noise was louder than Lazlen thought. "Hey, come look at this," another guard walked over to see Lazlen's comm-link blink on and off again. "I thought we've jammed his communications." the first guards said.
"We did," the other responded. Both the beeping and light grew faster and louder.
"What are you doing?" The first guard looked at Lazlen with amazement. "Stop it now!" The guard began to aim his blaster at Lazlen. "Stand by the ray-shield controls. Drop it when I give the word," the guard ordered. The second guard stood by the controls, waiting for the command. The beeping got faster, almost to the point where it started to sound like one continuous noise. Lazlen realized what this meant, Deviss, his executioner, was on his way. He was going to kill Lazlen to prevent a notification to the Empire. "I'm telling one last time." The guard was wearing a helmet, but Lazlen could tell that he was annoyed and angry. "TURN. IT. OFF." At this time Lazlen noticed that the guard had his baton on clipped to his waist. But Lazlen didn't listen to him, in a few moments, Lazlen would cease to be a living being, and would just be a corpse. He stood there, still waiting for the sounds of doors opening. Lazlen was, for a moment, at peace.
Then the walls behind Lazlen exploded. The initial blast knocked Lazlen off his feet and onto the floor. Both guards were also thrown off their feet, with the second guards turning of the ray-shield power as he fell. As Lazlen collected himself he saw the MAAT gunship, both blast doors open on the opposite side of the hole in the wall.
"Jump on sir," the pilot screamed. "Time to get out of here!" Lazlen collected himself and grabbed his baton form the guards utility belt. There was no time to recover any other weapons. Lazlen dashed quickly and jumped into the gunship, doing a roll and as he entered. "Hold onto something sir!" The pilot than sped away from the ship, trying to get as much distance as possible away from it.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Atridian on Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:17 pm


Deviss twisted it around, moved the fingers, and tested out his grip with the new attached cybernetic hand replacement. All in all, he had no complaints about losing his let left hand; to him, it was a small price to pay to rediscover his family and personality. Deviss had been reverted back to his old self but the process was nothing short of difficult.
It had been literally two decades since he'd been Deviss and currently he was relearning and discovering his old sense of self, personality, humor, everything about him was being pieced together from scratch. After the reunion in the med bay Deviss had immediately, and violently, ripped off his old Inquisitor armor and promptly dumped it into the ships engine compartment to be vaporized. Now he had taken up a new outfit from various parts scattered around the armory; Deviss moved to and fro to decrease the stiffness of the new armor.
In the reflection, it looked very similar to Atridian's suit, Deviss thought. Very cold, detached, but exuding fear and power from mere sight. One of the ships manny gunners was currently at the firing line practicing with a custom E-11 that was slightly longer and more bulky than the stock variety. He fired round after round after down the range at a moving holo target of a trandoshan grenadier with very impressive accuracy, landing a hit with each shot and a headshot on every other.
These were no longer just badge numbers and cannon fodder to Deviss now; they were the ships living breathing inhabitants who all worked together for each other's sake. Granted there were gaps in appreciation between the gunner troops and commandos but overall they were on tight brotherhood who'd give their life for one another. It would've been foreign, very alien, to Deviss of yesterday; he was dead now, and the real Deviss was back in control of his body and mind instead of the imperial scum.
The wraps of his gauntlets were snug around his fingers as he finished putting together his ensemble; Deviss stared down at the haunting looking helmet he had chosen, feeling that it's appearance would add to his menacing disposition. The ship rumbled suddenly causing him to whip his head up and look around in confusion; the gunner stopped firing and tilted his head slightly as if he were receiving a message over the comms. The trooper turned and made for the exit without notice.

"Sir, there's been another hull breach. Prisoner got loose, let's go see the damage," he said staring at Deviss.

Deviss slid his new helmet over his face and immediately was enveloped sheer pitch blackness before the HUD came online and lit up his vision. He reached down and wrapped his fingers around the body of his reconfigured lightsaber and clipped it to his belt before following the trooper into the passageway toward the brig. Most of the clone commandos were gathered around the entrance as they approached and turned toward them in response.

"What's happening, sir?" The trooper beside him asked coming to a stop.

"Imperial gunship flew under our radar and blasted the prisoner out of his cage. The techies have already upgraded the radar for wider detection fields, and the wrench boys are currently patching up the hole," one commandos said, his armor was shaded dark with red markings over it's surface and a small mandalorian skull embedded in his chest plate.

"Copy that, sir. What would you have me do?"

"Go on a patrol run around the ship to make sure we don't have any other unexpected visitors. Kill on sight, report the findings, you know the drill."

The trooper snapped off a crisp salute toward the commando then turned on his heel and began jogging down the passageway, opposite direction from them. Deviss looked from one commando to the next as they stood grouped together talking amongst each other. He had never seen so many colors on a single suit of armor before; imperial commandos all wore uniform white Katarn-class armor, but these men were decorated with a multitude of diverse hues and dyes.
The red on dark looked to Deviss as if just now noticing him; without warning, he moved in front of him in a flash with one hand extended out.

"The new plates look good on you, sir. I'd like to formally introduce myself. Sergeant October of Rancor squad, at your service," he said with pleasant and genuine feeling but his expression was hidden away behind that glowing T on his helmet.

"Well met, Sergeant," Deviss grabbed his hand and the two shook to solidify the introduction. "I'm sure you already know my name by now but I'm Deviss, newly reformed Inquisitor freed from imperial brain washing."

"If there's one thing we can emphasize with, it's the cruelty of those scum," October moved his attention to the entrance hatch of the brig. "Commander Atridian and Alea are in there right now. I won't keep you any longer; welcome aboard the Nexus."

Deviss gave a courteous nod to the man and entered the compartment to see his brother and sister standing at the center of the room facing the cracked wall. Atridian was standing with his back upright with both arms crossed while Alea was pacing back and forth, neither of them let their eyes off the until they realized Deviss had entered.

"Prisoners gone," Alea said plainly as she turned to face him.

"Shame, we could've gotten something out of him. Shadow troopers are filled with sensitive information too secretive to put on record," Deviss said.

"There wouldn't have been any time to question him that intensively. I was coming down here to remove his head from his shoulders for injuring Rede so badly," Atridian stated with hint of malice rage ebbing out of his voice.

"That would've been foolish, brother. Corpses can't give intel; right now, that's what we need. We have no idea how many know that there's a cloning expert on Tatooine, and whether or not she's in this ship too," said Alea.

"It wouldn't matter, not now anyways," Atridian snapped his metallic fingers together and a jawa carrying a portable holoscreen came rushing in through the entrance. "This is Tik, by the way. He's joined our crew so don't shoot him on sight. Tik, give us the overlay."

Tik chirped enthusiastically in reply then pressed the power to the holoscreen. A digital map of the planet projected from the device overhead and four giant red circles dotted around the western hemisphere where the Nexus was currently in.

"The crime families are going to war with each other pretty soon so neither the rebel or imperial forces will matter anymore. With half the galaxies economy in their pockets, the families will be hiring everything and anything. From two-bit thugs to 500 foot warships. Once this starts, the rebel and imperial forces will back off this section of the planet to avoid getting caught in the cross-fire. After all, they may be fighting for the galaxy, but the families control Tatooine," Atridian said as he tapped the screen and the image enlarged over one of the giant red dots. "We will be offering our services to one of the four families, being the mercs that we are will help us blend in with the rest and throw off any suspicion we might have."

"Sounds good for our pockets. Who are we aligning with?" Alea asked.

"The Hutt clan; out of all the scum on this planet, Jabba is the one creature who I wouldn't want to be on bad terms with. Plus he's a part of a much larger crime syndicate that's spread out across multiple star systems. He's our safe bet."

"Alrighty then, I'll assume you've taken care to consider the other factors as well. How you gonna contact the big slug? Send him a holo message?" Alea said.

"No. We'll go in person and offer our services to him for his war. To play it safe, I'm lowering our normal going rate by 10%," Atridian replied.

"What? Ten? Why so much?"

"Don't wanna give him the impression we're arrogant and greedy. It wouldn't play in our favor down the road."

"Fine, fine. Give the worm shab a discount rate if you think it's wise."

"It's settled, then. I'll take Rancor squad and Yorrick in case things go unexpectedly awry. C'mon then, Deviss. The sooner the better," Atridian said starting for the exit hatch.

"Wait, what? You're taking me with you?" Deviss asked in confusion.

"Absolutely, little brother. Going into a corrupt den of sleeze and depravity and meeting one of the vilest, most disgusting crime lords on the planet entire face to face. Everything afterword won't even come close to measuring up."

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Desertb1ur101 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:46 pm

"We've got a fighter on our tail!" Lazlen looked outside of the gunship to see a fighter chasing them, moving in fast. Lazlen moved quickly around area, looking for anything that can take the fighter down. "There's a DLT-19 above the railings Sir!" Lazlen looked up and grabbed the rifle. Not his first choice but he didn't have a lot of options at the moment. He grabbed a safety latch and looked outside, with the blaster in his right arm. The fighter was closer, and almost in firing range. "They must be pretty angry at you, Sir! What did you do?" The pilot asked.
"I blew a hole in their ship, almost killed on of them, and stole back my equipment. Along with the other hole you blew in the wall," Lazlen responded.
"That's reason enough!" Lazlen began firing burst rounds at the fighter in vain hopes of bringing it down. But Lazlen missed every shot, and the fighter started flying to the far left of the gunship. "It's making a pass!" The pilot screamed. Lazlen continued to fire, but now firing the blaster automatically. The fighter responded by firing a few rounds at the gunship, and with better aim. It hit the on of the engines and hit near the cockpits. Lazlen heard the pilot scream over the comms as the fighter flew to right to attempt another past.
"Pilot! Pilot! Are you okay!" Lazlen screamed.
"Not good! Not good!"
"What's not good?"
"Are the blast doors still open on your side?" The pilot asked.
"Yes they are why d-"
"Stand by the doors with your arms out!"
"What are you do-" And Lazlen saw the pilot leave the cockpit and jump out. He held out his arms in hopes Lazlen would catch him. Luckily, Lazlen caught him ,and pulled him up.
"The....controls are destroyed! We're....falling out of the sky!" The pilot said out of breath. And then the closed doors on the right blew up, to reveal the fighter still attacking the ship. "Then there's him." Lazlen looked down to see the ground not to far from the ship.
"This is going to be bad."
"Well it could be worse Sir." The pilot spat out.
"How could it get worse?" Lazlen asked, in a state of denial.
"Well, we could-" Than the gunship collided with the ground, both Lazlen and the pilot we're tossed around inside, still miraculously not ejected outside. Lazlen then side to the front of the ship just in time to see a rock come straight at him and...

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Desertb1ur101 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:12 pm

"...And then what?" Trew asked Lazlen. Its been a day since Lazlen and the pilot were picked up and transported back to The Order. Lazlen got out of the infirmary a few hours ago and was met by Trew. Lazlen was telling Trew of his not-so successful mission.
"Then a rock slammed into me and knock me unconscious," Lazlen responded.
"And?" Trew had the biggest smile on his face as Lazlen told his story. Though whether it was about the story or all the new scars and bandages on his body, Lazlen didn't know. He just despised that smile.
"Then the pilot woke me up and I asked him 'what could be worse?' The pilot just leaned me against a piece of the wreckage and said 'Well we could of been on a shuttle.'" Trew busted out laughing at the story of Lazlen's misery. Even some other troopers around began to grin and chuckle. "Oh that's sucks, mate. All we got here are stupid 'insurgents' and 'fight for the Republic!'"
"Well if would of taken insurgents over a crazed lightsaber wielding manic and a ship full of clone commandos. I lost all my gear to those lunatic.Well, all but this." Lazlen held out the baton for Trew to admire.
"Oooh, shiny." Trew said sarcastically.
"Shame I didn't get to use it."
"Ah well, you know the old saying, 'There's plenty of Jedi in the Outer Rim'."
"I don't think the higher ups would appreciate that saying."
"Lieutenant, Sir." Lazlen and Trew looked to see Sedra, the new recruit, stand in front of them.
"Yes Sedra?" Lazlen asked.
"Commander Fretner request your presence on the bridge."
"Well, looks like the fighting never stops." Lazlen got up and began walking towards the elevator.
"Hey Lazlen it could always be worse." Trew started to grow a grin on his face. "You could of always be on an Imperial Shuttle!" Trew fell backwards laughing at his own joke, along with a few other stormtroopers. Lazlen looked back at Trew in annoyance.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

Post by Desertb1ur101 on Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:10 am

Lazlen begins to walk towards the bridge as he notices groups of shock troopers.walking along the ship, some cleaning their rifles and others talking with themselves.  One of the shock troopers took notice of Lazlen's presence and watched him as he continued towards the bridge. When Lazlen finally arrived, he saw Commander Fretner talking to a shock trooper who looked like their commander. The trooper was wearing a  red-lined pauldron and kama and had red strips along his helmet. He had multiple engraves of lines along the side of his helmet, Lazlen took it as how many missions he's been on. Fretner finally took notice of Lazlen.
"Ah, Lieutenant! I was wondering if you had recovered. This is Commander Zantor, he'll be helping you on your next assignment."
"Sir," Lazlen asked, "What assignment?"
"Well Lazlen," Commander Fretner pulled up a structure on the holomap, "when you were on your mission I had Trew and Sedra search Wendelen for any sign of Insurgency there. And sure enough, there was. An entire compound was found to be in Insurgent control."
"So?" Lazlen was still tired and didn't care for the Commander's long briefs. "They have compounds all of the system. It isn't something new."
"It was an Imperial Military base," Zantor finally spoke out. "It was lost after an unknown amount of time."
"Precisely," Commander Fretner added, "The base kept broadcasting an 'all clear' signal as well, so these Insurgents are possibly well trained and equipped."
"Any survivors?" Lazlen was just curious.
"No, they all supposedly died in the initial attack."
"And we're going to retake the base?" Fretner looked at Lazlen with pride.
"I don't why I need to do these briefs if you already know the plan. Yes, You, Trew, and Sedra will lead an assault on the outer defenses of the base. Your objective is to weaken their outer defenses so Commander Zantor and his squad can infiltrate the base and recapture it."
"Take out as many as you can," Zantor added, "I'd hate to get shot out of the sky."
"As do I," Lazlen commented. "So why can't Trew, Sedra, and I infiltrate the base and recapture it? We've done solo missions exactly the same strategy."
"Three reasons, Lazlen. One, Commander Zantor and his squad have much valuable experience with recapturing enemy bases and have been useful in destroying Insurgencies. Two, I need the three of you to back up the infranty will taking out the turrents. Their defenses are heavy, those troopers need all the help they can get. And three, Lazlen, is that you almost died while on your last mission. Your pilot is still in need of medical recovery. I want you to recover before you do anything risk."
"I see." "Even Fretner cares" Lazlen thought to himself.
"That's all for now, you leave in a day's time go get rearmed, ready, and some sleep Lieutenant. Dismiss."
"Yes Sir. Commanders." Lazlen salutes both Commander Fretner and Commander Zantor and leaves the bridge.

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Re: Star Wars Role Play 2 (Currently Ongoing)

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